9 Cheapest Ways To Build A Website And Start To Earn Money

Are you wondering if get a blog is still worth in 2019? The answer is really simple, YES! Here I’ll tell you why:

  • Blogging is the easiest and cheapest way to earn good money online investing just a few dollars.
  • Google is still the most used website in the world, so writing for a specific niche will bring a lot of potential customers to your blog.
  • There are multiple ways to earn money with your blog, continue reading this article and you’ll discover all of them.

Most people write on general topics, this is the most common mistake. Some of them instead, have clear cut niches and those are the ones who make the highest profits.

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn passive income. I’ll give you some ideas for starting a blog and I’ll take you through all the steps that I used for my site and some of my customers’ ones to build a successful blog bringing loads of targeted traffic.

Here are 9 fundamental steps you should choose to take:

1. Get A Profitable Niche

Profitable niche markets are selected fields you have opted to write on. Some bloggers specialise in writing on weddings, others may be celebrity gossip bloggers.

There are also some that write about medical treatments for ailments. Yet others are lifestyle bloggers.

I know you are probably wondering which are the most remunerative niches and write on it… But if you don’t choose something that you’re passionate about, you won’t do a great job!

But anyway I always suggest choosing something inside these big 3 categories: Wealth, Health, Relationship.

Make big research around your passion and discover which keywords your target market is using. Then go on Clickbank or other online affiliation programs and look for products related to your niche to use in your blog.

2. Get The Right and Cheap Server Hosting


I want to keep things simple. I’m going to show you how to set up my favourite hosting platform, BlueHost.

It is the fastest web hosting and the best option for people that want to start a blog with a low budget but keeping good quality.

You’ll find here an Exclusive deal to get the service even cheaper getting a domain name for FREE.

Receive your special deal here in this review that is going to be $3.95 a month.

Bluehost has also other plans with more features and different pricing like:

But I suggest to keep those features for the future and go for the 3.95 plan.

Now is the moment to choose your domain name. Think for a while about it because it will represent your brand and you will not be able to change it ones you’ve completed the process.

Recommend Hosting: High performance and cheap. Click here and get the discounted $3.95 a month hosting. This is a SPECIAL DEAL for my readers.

If you need a tip to choose your domain name, the easiest way is to use the main keyword of the niche you’ve chosen and maybe alongside it with something attractive and easy to remember.

Example: If you choose the niche “Dog food”, I would call my website something like “Healthy dog food” or “High-quality dog food”.

Now you can place it in Bluehost in the section below to register your domain. You can also transfer one if you already have one but you are not happy with the service.

Don’t forget to check if the domain name you’ve chosen is still available, you can do it here:

Once you’ve done, Bluehost will ask you to put your details and then select any additional package. I would select only the privacy one because for me privacy is important.

That’s it now you have a host and a domain with Bluehost to start your online business. They will send to you your log in instruction for the Bluehost panel.

3. Installing WordPress Website

After your blog has been hosted, the next step is to beautify it as you deem fit.

To do so, you need to install WordPress which is the easiest and most famous platform to manage blogs.

You can easily install it from Bluehost with one click. So log into Bluehost panel, go to “website”, Install WordPress, then select Install, in the next page select your domain and leave the right space empty.

Now select advanced options, chose the title of your Site, your nickname and the password that you will use to log on WordPress, then select I have read the terms and conditions and press Install and here it is, is done.

Just remember everytime you need to log in WordPress you’ll need to go to this link: yourdomain.com/wp-admin

And log in using the nickname and password you’ve chosen.

Once you are inside WordPress, it will be really easy to understand, but if you think you need a guide watch this out: How to use WordPress.

4. How To Get Traffic Ranking For Long Tail Keywords

Now let’s start to have fun! This is the essential secret to earn commission and have super targeted traffic to your blog.

You really need to pay attention in this area, because choose and right use of keywords are what is going to make the difference between earn money with your blog or not.

Long tail Keywords are words with a small amount of traffic that will make easy to rank better in google search results.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the fact that they have a small amount of traffic, that will be the key to your success!

Recommend Hosting: High performance and cheap. Click here and get the discounted $3.95 a month hosting. This is a SPECIAL DEAL for my readers.

Most of the people try to rank for the most difficult keywords, but for these, they will probably take years or they will never rank because the competition is too high.

Now think if you rank for words that have between 100 and 300 research per month, will be really easy to rank for those because they have almost no competitors.

Those will be aswell extremely precise keywords that will attract people that have the intent to buy the product they are looking for.

Example: Instead to try to rank for “Protein Powders” that probably will have a lot of monthly research but as well tons of competitors, you could try to rank for “Benefits of plant-based protein powder”.

This trick will allow you to get much more targeted visitors with less monthly research but fewer competitors.

You can choose 4 or 5 keywords with 300 searches a month and rank for all of them in the same article, you are now ranking in a good position for a total of 1500 search a month! Did you like the trick? 😋

You can use multiple free software to find your perfect long tail keywords but my favourite is Long Tail Pro.

Type up to 5 keywords at the time, then input the number of suggestion per keyword that you would like to search. I would suggest 20 to don’t get too messy.

Now it shows, the long tail keywords correlated with the ones you typed, Avg. KC indicates the difficulty to rank for it, (green if is easy, amber if is medium, red if is difficult).

Don’t worry if you don’t find greens at the first search, just press +20 in the amber keywords and it download other 20 searches correlated with the medium difficulty ones.

And here we are, 5 greens long tail keywords easy to rank with their monthly volume of search. Use them in your article and it will bring you traffic in just a few weeks.

Repeat the process for all the keywords useful for your article and it will fly to the top of the google search results. I will write a full Long Tail Pro review soon.

If you use Long Tail Pro in the right way, it gives to you the best SEO results. You can get 7 days trial for only 1 dollar using our coupon, then get the monthly plan for 37/month, or use the annual plan discount (saving loads of money) of 297/year.

It’s the only tools that ensure to you go get great results. However you have some alternatives like Keysearch, is a keyword tool pro free and is the best alternative, but of course, doesn’t guarantee the same results.

You can simply type your main keyword, and immediately he will suggest to you all the options that you can use and apply what I wrote above.

5. Other Ways to Get Traffic

There are multiple ways to get more traffic to your blog. Comments in related niche blogs, being active in popular forums in your niche and answering questions on Quora. But in all of them be natural, you Mast not spam!

Guys spam doesn’t work, so don’t waste your time doing it!

Bring value. Do legit questions or give a legit answer, people will be naturally interested in what you are saying and they will click your link.

Tips to use your link properly:

Type in google the main keyword of your niche, open the first 10 articles or blog ranked in google and place a comment on those.

In the comment area of most of the websites, you will find a namespace and a space to put your link that will be clickable by clicking on the name you’ve chosen before.

I will suggest using a related keyword instead of your name, this will help your blog to rank better in Google for that keyword.

In most of the forums as well you will be able to put your link in your description.

To use your links in Quora I will suggest to mask it under keywords that you will use while you are answering to people, remember to be natural, make that link legitimate!

6. Social Media

Social media is very important to the life of your blog. Is one of the best ways people can know about your blog, when you are starting out, is through social media.

Shares, as well as broadcasts and likes, would get more people reading your articles.

Also, social media gives you room to advertise your blog, either through organic traffic from your friends or through paid traffic like Facebook ads.

This also has a way of increasing your visibility on Google.

Some blogs have spread like wildfire simply because a celebrity rebroadcast a video, retweeted a link, or liked a post.

The role social media plays in having a successful blog cannot be overemphasized.

So choose the Social Network that you are more confident in, and start to promote your articles. Which is the best social to promote content?

You have multiple choice but in general, I would suggest Facebook Groups. Type in the search bar the keyword of your niche, join the best groups and start to bring value. Remember don’t just spam your links, you will get banned, bring value and make your link legit!

7. Ways To make money blogging for beginners:

Google Adsense

Adsense is the most famous way to monetize your blog but you are going to need a lot of traffic for it.

Google will adapt his ads depending on the argument of your site in automatic.

Example: If you have a travel blog people will see travel ads, as well if you have a food blog, Google will show them food ads.

They will pay you per “PPC” which stands for pay per click. So to get a lot of clicks you need to get a lot of traffic and hope that they will click on the banners.

You need to follow some rules to be able to display the ads, one of that is that your content must be 100% original and not plagiarised.

Also, you must follow the formats set by Google on placements of the adverts and number of adverts per page.

If you follow the rules to the letter, you have nothing to worry about. Having the adverts on your blog is one thing. Having readers actually click your adverts is another thing.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a super remunerative market. Way more than Google Ads, is free and you can absolutely start affiliate marketing with no money. But needs to be done in the right way.

How does affiliate marketing works? Many companies around the web offer a commission per every product that you sell for them.

They track your sells via an affiliate link that you will use to promote the product.

There are loads of companies with great affiliate programs. Each one of them has a different percentage of commission. You need to choose that one that fits better for you.

How to create affiliate marketing websites:

Using the right tools like Keysearch you will find the right article to write about selecting the keywords that will attract and bring value to your visitors and at the same time earn from the affiliates links.

As a blogger, you could write a review of the product and its value or write an article that helps people to do something.

There are various companies that you can affiliate with. One of such is Amazon. To become an Amazon affiliate blog, all you need to is sign up and place Amazon affiliate links on your site. Voila!

Another one is Clickbank, in which you can sell in this case info products like courses, ebooks, pdf. Clickbank is full of category for every niche you want to talk about.

8. E-mail Listing

Email marketing is still one of the most profitable ways to earn money in the back end with your visitors.

You will absolutely need to build your customer email list. This will transform the traffic that you don’t own (Ads) in traffic that you own (email list).

E-mail listing is an immediate broadcast of affiliate links, latest post, offers and videos to your contacts, buyers and B2B companies.

It brings the latest news right into the inbox of your contacts. It is a direct approach, instead of waiting for them to stumble on your posts by chance.

Email marketing deliverability increased has increased a lot thanks to some amazing email automation software.

Getresponse vs Aweber

I use Get Response to automate the system, grow an email list is not free, but you can start one for really cheap.

Getresponse, for example, gives you 30 days for free and then you can get that for only 10$ a month. Trust me, give it a shot.

Set up and use Getresponse is really easy, there are many quick tutorials on YouTube as well.

But if you think that most of the online entrepreneurs make most of the money in the back end with their contact list, submitting offers and affiliate links, you can easily understand how worth is it.

To collect email, I use a plugin called Thrive Leads. With this tool you can create pop-ups, small landing pages and forms to collect emails to grow your list.

Aweber is a great alternative to Getresponse however is a bit more expensive. But I still suggest Getresponse because is really simple, cheap and really performant.

9. Being Constant

The bane of many unsuccessful blogs is that they are inconsistent. While some are inconsistent in their niche, others are inconsistent in the frequency of new blog posts.

The biggest turn off for readers is to visit your blog for several days and not find anything new. Posts cannot be random. It gives the blogger an air of laxity.

Visitors should have an idea of when to expect something new. A successful blog should have a schedule.

If 10 am on Wednesday is suitable for you to put up new posts, stick to that time and day. If you are able to post only once a week, do so.

In that way, your visitors would know that you run a weekly blog.

Furthermore, if a music blog suddenly becomes a marketing tips one, it is very likely to lose followers. So be focused on your niche.

While it may gain some lovers of lifestyle blogging, it would lose its identity and leave erstwhile music uploaders and downloaders confused.

To run a successful blog, you must have a pattern or some form of consistency. Your readers should know what to expect.


For every business, there are rules that should be followed. These 9 rules would go a long way in helping you start a successful blog. They would also help you sustain your blog and make money. Use these rules to earn passive income in your leisure.

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